You can change the world by raising L in your neighborhood. As you can see from the maps below, people are moving to Linux in countries all around the world, but it can happen faster with your help. We're asking you to become an Lraiser and commit to help convert a user to Linux.
Here are just a few people who have already traveled the road to L


This map shows computers that started using Linspire last week.
(use your cursor to zoom in on a specific area, click here to see more maps)


To sign up as an Lraiser do one of the following:


Help a friend or co-worker get on the highway to L by purchasing a Linspire (or other Linux) computer and setting it up.


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  Give a tour of L to 5 people or more, and give them a LinspireLive! CD. This lets you demo Linux on virtually any machine, without installing any software.  

You will find a copy of the LinspireLive! .ISO file in your account.

1. Go to Once logged on, you will see a link to My Products> CD Downloads on the left side of the screen.

2. Download the ISO and burn a disc

Then you can tell them the top 10 reasons to switch, and show off the easy-to-use desktop, Flash tutorials, Plug & Play hardware support, easy software installs with CNR, and more. is prudly hosted on a Linux server. Thanks to our friends at GH

  Take to the streets! Bring a friend to:  





Just pick one of the above choices, and you can get your name added to the list of Lraisers. In addition, we'll post a photo of you and your friend(s) who you helped move to Linux (if you send us one). And all certified Lraisers will
receive a free Lraiser T-shirt.

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